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Skrill is an online payment system, which is run and controlled by the extremely popular, and renowned online payment specialists, Moneybookers. One of the many great things about this online payment method is that you can make payments to anyone with a valid email address. The recipient does not need to be signed up to a Moneybookers account, all they need is a working email address. This is great news for all people who like to pay online, but who are tired of dealing with the hassle of having to find an account that their intended recipient also has.

Many online casinos, especially those specializing in pokies, are supportive of the Skrill platform, so if you are fond of playing online pokies, then you should definitely consider this method as a means to pay your online pokies deposits. More and more providers are adopting this payment method, so you can be sure that this form of payment will allow you a great deal of choice.

Many online payment platforms will only allow you to pay via your credit card. However, Skrill understands that people have unique needs and often need more than just one option when it comes to paying online. For this reason, this payment method allows you the choice of paying via a bank transfer or credit card. If you do not want to incur any fees on your transaction, you can select the bank transfer option.

This means that you will not be charged any more than the amount you have specified to deposit in your online pokies account. If you choose to pay via your credit card, you will have just one percent of your total transaction amount added as a fee. This is, as far as transaction amounts go, very reasonable. Furthermore, this transaction fee stays the same whether you are transferring funds to someone with or without a Skrill account.

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Online Skrill Pokies

Yet another outstanding feature of this payment system is that it makes paying across global borders and currencies an absolute breeze! If the online casino you are depositing money to uses a currency different to the one you are using, there is no need to despair. With Skrill, your currency will be converted into theirs without any extra effort on your part. A small conversion fee applies, but this feature makes so many more pokies available to you, it is a very small price to pay.

Online Pokies Skrill

More than 12 million people from all corners of the globe use Skrill as their top, preferred method of payment. In particular, this method is rapidly increasing in popularity amongst online casino gamers for its ease of use, speed, convenience and reliability. Because of this popularity, online pokies providers are rushing to adopt the platform, so you can be assured that when you choose this way to pay, you will have a great deal of choice and variety because of the adaptability of this great online payment method. We can help you find the best sites that offer top notch gaming and accept Skrill so that you can enjoy a premium online experience with every transaction.


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